3D Printing Training

We offer courses on:

  • Fundamentals of 3D Printing
  • Advance course on additive manufacturing

(Both the courses will be issued with a course completion certificate)
Please write to us for details of the courses, the event dates & fees.

Fundamentals of 3D Printing

3D printing is a manufacturing tool that can bring your designs – from creatures and robots to fashion and jewelry – to life! Gain hands-on, foundational experience with cutting-edge techniques relevant to prototyping and new product development. You will experience many 3D Printing processes and see the outcomes of different processes.

Trainer: Experienced trainers with hands-on industrial background.

What will you walk away with:

  • 3D Printing as a manufacturing technology – Orientation.
  • Its applications in various fields of manufacturing.
  • Different processes for different industrial applications.
  • Current capabilities of each technologies.
  • Hands on experience on some of the 3DP technologies.
  • How to design for 3d printing process.
  • Exposure to industrial 3D printing – On demand manufacturing.

Who can attend:
This hands-on course is designed for those with little to no experience in 3D printing. students, professionals, engineers, designers, jewellers, and architects, anyone can enroll.

Course Duration: 1 Day.
Course completion certificates will be issued to every registered participant.

Advance Additive Manufacturing

This course is tailored and aimed at business leaders, decision makers and anyone with an interest in discussing Additive Manufacturing (AM) with the experts.

Anyone who is considering integrating industrial 3D printing into their manufacturing processes will find this course particularly interesting.

Upon completion of this course:

  • Gain knowledge of the principles of additive manufacturing (AM).
  • Indulge with the entire range of AM processes and their characteristics (metal & non-metal).
  • Recognise the various approaches to design for AM, including design for performance and manufacture.
  • Gain knowledge of the post-processing techniques, including inspection of AM components.
  • Identify the relevant materials and material properties used in AM.
  • Comparison of AM Costing vs Traditional manufacturing for your industry


Finding high-value applications for additive manufacturing can be quite tricky. Often times, companies find themselves using 3D printing to make parts that can be made cheaper and faster with traditional manufacturing methods. The key with 3D printing is to take advantage of its unique capabilities and develop applications that could not have been realized any other way. Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) is also a key skill that employees need to acquire in order to come up with useful AM products. Consulting is, therefore, an essential step in getting your workforce adapting to 3D Printing and realize how best these processes and materials can give your company full benefits of costs and time in producing a function part as required.

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